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Our mission is to provide free medical, dental, and vision care to those in need in California.

We deliver free high-quality dental and vision care to those most in need at pop-up clinics across California.  Our licensed medical professionals volunteer their time and put patients on the pathway to better health.  

Our Dental Services
We set up fully equipped dental field stations, where our patients receive complete dental exams and treatment from our volunteer Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Hygienists and other medical professionals.  Click here to volunteer. 

Our Vision Services
We set up complete vision exam stations and a fully equipped prescription lens lab.  Our volunteer Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, opticians and Vision Technicians, provide full-eye exams and fabricate free, custom prescription eyeglasses on-site, usually within an hour. 

Our fifteen chair field stations and five vision lanes let us serve up to 125 dental patients and 125 vision patients per day. 

The Need for Our Program

Almost 1 in 10 Californians still lack any form of medical insurance. An even greater number do not receive ongoing dental or vision care due to financial barriers or lack of access to care. Dental, medical and vision problems, when left untreated, can often become sources of great pain and anxiety for underprivileged families. Preventable dental disease can lead to expensive emergency room visits, putting stress on an already taxed public healthcare system. Healing California aims to bridge the gaps in access to basic care felt by underserved communities.

Access to Care

We expand access to care to those who find themselves shut out of the current healthcare system.


By leveraging professional volunteers our resources go further so we can reach more people in need.  


We invest in professional equipment to ensure our patients receive a high standard of care and our volunteers have what they need for a fulfilling experience. 


We believe in transparency so our donors, volunteers, and partners know who we are. Learn more about our team.

2018 Annual Report

Check out our 2018 Annual Report to see what we were able to accomplish in our first year of operation. We could not have done it without the help of generous, community minded donors and volunteers.

Key Statistics

-1,760 patient days

-$715,451 in equivalent value of services

-250+ volunteers


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